Frequently Asked Questions

General Program FAQ

What are the program start and end dates?
May 16 through July 22 . May 16 is orientation and onboarding for students and mentors.
What will be the format for this internship term?
Programs will vary from all physical, hybrid, or remote formats depending on the project. Projects will explicitly state the required in-person time. ALL projects will require in-person attendance for orientation, tours, and poster sessions.
Are there any program-related activities planned?
Tours and social events are dependent on COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines at the time of program start. A poster session will end the internship term in late July.
Are there transportation options available for off-campus work sites?
Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from work each day. For students on campus, the GT Stinger Green Route runs to GTRI Headquarters at 14th Street. A shuttle runs from GTRI Headquarters to CCRF in Cobb County from 7:10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. roughly every 1.5 hours. Alternatively, students are able to drive and park, but this may require a GT parking pass.
What COVID-19 precautions are being taken on site?
Masks are required to be worn by staff at all times. All shared spaces are disinfected twice a day and follow strict social distancing guidelines at all times.
Will I be provided a computer if I need one to work remotely?
Yes. GTRI will supply any necessary hardware.

Pay Related

Are student interns paid by GTRI research internship program?
Yes. Salaries are determined using Georgia Tech guidelines that are based on year of study and major.
How many hours can student interns work?
Up to 40 hours per week, 80 hours per pay period. Student employees should not work overtime in this program.
Will student interns fill out timesheets?
Yes. Timesheets will be used to record hours worked. All student employees must complete e-time training.
How often will student interns be paid?
Bi-weekly per Georgia Tech payroll calendar.
Are student interns allowed to take unpaid leave?
Yes. However, leave must be approved in advance by their mentor.
Will student interns have building access?
Yes. Interns will receive badge access appropriate to the unit where they are working. They will have building access only during normal business hours.

Mentor Specific

Is there a charge code for mentors?
Yes. There will be a fixed amount per project that is a function of the number of students per project.
Is there a budget for M&S?
No, these items should come from lab accounts.
Where will student interns be located?
Mentors will be responsible for finding office/desk space for their interns.
Will student interns get a GTRI account?
Yes, they will get a GTRI email account and a GTRI log in. Mentors need to work with their lab administrators and CSRs for lab specific processes.
Do student interns need a computer?
Yes, depending on their work assignment. If they need access to GTRI networks, they will need a GTRI computer. They will not be allowed to connect their personal computer to the GTRI network.
If student interns need a computer, who will provide it?
The mentors' Lab computer support department will need to supply a computer.
Can I hire an intern to continue work after July 22?
Yes, subject to an offer and acceptance by the intern. We strongly encourage you to employ interns beyond July 22 if at all possible. Support for interns after the summer program will need to be covered by projects or lab funds. If you want to extend an offer please contact Iteeah Pounds in TMD no later than July 10 to initiate the process. A separate offer will need to be made to the intern for this extension.